I am delighted to welcome you to Betterlink School, a project born out of a passion for positively impacting children’s lives. Betterlink School is centred around the child, and we ensure each child has a fun learning process. We prioritise supporting our children in their learning journey.
Betterlink is a montessori and co-educational institution in the 21st century staffed with competent academic professionals poised to provide pupils and students with a top-notch educational experience. Our school curriculum offers progressive development, stability, structure, and creativity. Moreso, our structure is strategically designed for different types of learners and is constantly evolving to mirror best practise as identified by current academical research.
At Betterlink School, our core objective revolves around producing top-notch pupils and students capable of relevance and productivity irrespective of their location and chosen field. This is achieved not only by employing the best teaching materials, and in-built infrastructure to mould the well-rounded child, but mostly through the help of our team who ensure the creation of a productive learning community.
Our fun learning community is built on the ideology of integrity, discipline, godliness, and loyalty. We understand that our strength is not in numbers but in togetherness. As a result, we communicate as a body with the sole understanding that we are a catalyst for transformation.
As we embark on our 15th anniversary of this great citadel, I assure you that Betterlink School is an institution worthy of your consideration. I indulge you to visit our website to get to know more about what we offer. More specifically, I invite you to book an appointment with me or the administration team to discuss the educational goals of your child.