About us

About Us

Betterlink School is a co-educational institution that provides education to children from creche to high school, as well as boarding services. Our campus is located in Olambe, Ogun State.
The school offers a vibrant learning atmosphere, sufficient teaching resources, and a qualified dedicated staff that is prepared to carefully mold our children into well-rounded leaders of the future.
Students are prepared for WAEC and NECO with enviable success in terms of results.
We believe in individual-learner experience because each learner is unique. Enhancing individual focus will help every child reach their maximum potential and quickly strengthen any areas where they are wanting. Children are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, whether cultural, creative or intellectual, to further develop the child's potential.


Why Choose Better Link?

Choosing the right school for your children is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. We know how important it is to find the right school. School days should be filled with joy, fun, excitement, and a sense of accomplishment and Betterlink Schools is an embodiment of these traits. At Betterlink, we understand that each child is different and so we administer education to suit the need of each child. We urge all prospective parents and kids to visit Betterlink and speak to staff and students since nothing compares to seeing and experiencing our school in action. Betterlink is a co-educational school that accepts pupils and students from ages 18 months to ages 18 and boarders from ages 7 to ages 18. We welcome applications for day and boarding places from Nigeria and International pupils. We encourage you to come and visit us for one of our open days or for a private tour

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide young people with the education they require for the twenty-first century, enabling them to reach their full potential in technology, media, and professional services.

Our Vision

Betterlink is committed to creating a hub for the next generation education experience within the context of an intellectually exciting and culturally creative community that will serve millions of people all over the world. We strongly believe that every child has immense potential and we aim to guide them in realizing that potential so that they can live fulfilling

Core Values

We aim to raise an excellent child that would show progress over time in three areas:
1. Discipline: To raise a child that follows rules and standards of conduct, that develops self-control and responsibility for their actions. The goal of this process is to help the child become a responsible and productive member of the school community, community at large and to prepare them for success in the future.
2. Integrity: To raise a child that is honest, ethical, and principled in one's actions and decisions. To raise a child that does the right thing even when no one is watching and upholding one's values and beliefs even in the face of challenges or pressure to do otherwise.
3. Godliness: To raise a child that is devoted to and following the teachings of God. To see a continued increase in reverence, gratitude and seeking to live one’s life in accordance with spiritual principles.