Nursery & Primary


2-3 Years

Our nursery school is a fun and creative learning environment for our learners. The nursery school is equipped with qualified teachers and child-centred facilities which align with the needs of each child. These provisions encourage our learners to be creative, responsible, inquisitive and detailed which lays a strong foundation.


3-10 Years

The primary school department is equipped to strengthen the child on his/her educational journey. We provide learning experiences that help young learners develop essential skills, knowledge, and values necessary for their future academic success.

Other Subject Taught Numeracy, Literacy,Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning, Social norms, C.R.K, I.C.T, Nursery Science, C.C.A, Diction, English, Hand writing, Music and Rhymes, Moral instruction, Communication skills, News and Conversation, Numeracy, Literacy, Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning, Social Studies, I.C.T Skill, C.R.K, Botany Zoology, Literature in English, Geography, Technology, C.C.A, Diction, Handwriting, French, Music, Vocational Aptitude, Home Economics

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