Can school fees be paid in installments?

Yes, it can. However, only for existing parents. New Parents are required to pay the registration fee, pay for uniforms and full-termfees.

When do I receive my timetable?

On your first day of the session, you will be given your timetable. A member of the academic team will talk you through how your timetable works and what your school day will look like.

Do I have to buy any course textbook before I arrive?

Yes, you would be required to. At the beginning of every session, the school serves as an intermediary between vendors and parents to help the purchase of course textbooks more efficiently. We also have the list of books for each class on the website [link] so that parents can have the option of buying the books themselves.

Do I need to buy stationery? Do I need a calculator? Do I need a laptop?

Whilst the school provides notebooks for nursery and primary pupils, you should have a basic set of stationery. For pupils and students who are in the coding academy, a laptop would be required to aid their proficiency. Students from Grade 9 till SSS3 would require a calculator that is approved by WAEC.

Do you provide lunch?

Yes, we provide healthy, nutritious cooked meals for our children who opt into the program.

Do you run a boarding house system?

Yes, we run a boarding house system.

From what age do you admit a child into boarding school?

We admit children from ages 7 years and above.

How do I join a signature program such as the Author’s Bridge writer’s club or the Betterlink Football Academy?

When you fill in the enquiry form[link] just tell us which of our signature programs your child might be interested in, and our admissions team will walk you through the process. All areas take pupils at all stages of learning, while there will be assessment and auditions for some, this is to place you at the right level of the program rather than to determine whether you can join.

What is your general student performance?

Our students all perform excellently in all subjects, and this is evident in the outstanding results gotten from various external exams such as WAEC, NECO, JAMB and various competitions.